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Apex Legends Season 7: Finally on Steam and everything else you need to know

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In Season 7, Apex Legends continues to inspire heart, humor, and new content for its audience. There’s much more exciting stuff for a Battle Royale than a new map. On November 5th, the new Season Ascent will be available for a second time. Olympus invites you up into the air to make a flying city unsafe.

Horizon is a new legend that is at home here and is well integrated. She is a scientist and excitingly combines offensive power and mobility. The new map offers two ways to move faster across: Also to installed portals, the first vehicle will also arrive at Apex Legends

Respawn gave the title a revised Battle Pass concept. The club offers a new opportunity for players to network with each other. All this will be available on November 5th, on Steam.

New legend “Horizon”

The eccentric astrophysicist Dr. Mary Somers got a bad deal, leaving her stranded near a black hole. For her only short time passed, in her homeland Olympus meanwhile 87 years struck in the country, in which her son aged and died. The scientist is now trying to undo this.

Horizon has a lot of cool tricks in store. Her suit has thrust nozzles that give her better control in the air and also make landings softer. She gets back on her feet faster than other characters. It’s also a great way to rattle opponents on the offensive.

It’s a small black hole that sucks in all players and then blows them away, and it also serves as a great grenade magnet. Respawn may bring down the Nerf Hammer. The skills, together with the cool science nerd look and the Scottish accent, made Horizon very appealing to me right away. Good newcomer!

Apex Legends Season 7: New Map Olympus

The city flying over the planet Psamathe is a beautiful scenario for a shooter like this one. Olympus is a nice change after the rough World’s Edge. The cloudy skybox surrounding the place is an eye-catcher. The city is arranged around the phase-runner, a half ring. The phase-runner has portals at three points on the map, which can be used to teleport. Among other things, to a lab where a catastrophe with the teleportation technology occurred. It is now completely enclosed in the phenomenon (which, by the way, also led to the evacuation of Olympus). Moving through the phase-runner still takes circular damage but it is a nice way to cover large distances – and to stumble into new battles

Since the days of King’s Canyon, the design has also become more concise. Everything – be it the pretty Bonzai Plaza with its cherry blossoms, the ship Arcadia, the above-mentioned laboratory complex, or other industrial plants and shopping malls – is varied and can be make out without looking at the map. It all has more character and thus creates a greater connection to this universe. asymmetrical and dynamic, this map.

We still hope that one day we will be able to fight for a playable titan. But the Trident is a good start. The Trident has a driver’s seat and then two pillions on either side, from which the passengers can use their weapons. Ultimates may also be used in combination with the Trident. Gibraltar can extend its shield over the hovercraft, Rampart can use its MG position on it.

You can hardly see it when you sit on it on either side.

It can’t run over anyone. That is not intended. Also, passengers get part of the damage that is done to the high-tech sled. A boost function causes a short tempo boost and allows jumps over hilltops and ramps. Yet, it has a cooldown so that players do not spam it. The feeling of speed is okay: Much faster than running, but not so fast that it would be too difficult to hit someone from the vehicle. It ensures that the players will move in a larger radius instead of having to keep too much eye on the circular movement.


According to Chad Armstrong, the club function is designed for better interaction. Internal data has shown that the majority of victories in the Battle Royale were won by “premade” teams, rather than mixed teams. This is a new tab in the menu where you can create groups or search for different preferences and talent levels. You can even give it a custom name or logo.

Currently, it is planned that up to 30 players can gather here. It will be a kind of in-game discord, with the idea of pre-sorting like-minded players. Within a club, you can also assign different roles for moderation purposes. Clubs also support crossplay.

The Battle Pass to Apex Legends Season 7

The Battle Pass was once again changed in its structure. Players get more opportunities to get rewards. Now you collect stars by completing challenges, for ten stars you will rise to a Battle Pass level. A new challenge tracker keeps track of tasks more transparently. So you don’t have to take notes anymore about how many kills you have to get with each weapon. Challenges that are close to completion will be flushed up the tracker by themselves.

As part of the Battle Pass, new Legendary Skins for Wraith and Octane will be released, and at level 100, there will be the “reactive cutting-edge R99”.

Wraith in a new legendary outfit.

Apex Legends for Steam

For those of you who were not able to get to Apex Legends because of Origin’s denial, here’s good news from Season 7: This entertaining, carefree, and inventive Battle Royale is finally appearing on Steam – those who have been playing it on Origin so far will take their progress with them on Valve’s platform. This is a good time to finally touch Apex again.

As a reward, these Half-Life and Portal-inspired talismans are available for your weapons:

You see, all in all, Season 7 is set to become a very rounded thing. More thoughts about the special appeal of the new Season I’ve read in the article Apex Legends: Feelings are made better than any Battle pass.

Patch Notes Apex Legend Season 7:The full Season 7 patch notes can be found on the official Apex Legends website.

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