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Can you pass the Emmy winning Schitt’s Creek Quiz?

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 A humble Canadian show recently made history at Emmys 2020. It’s a family-comedy show that took home seven awards in the comedy categories including the Best Actor, Actress, Director and Outstanding Cast.  It was a clean sweep for the series and a historic one at that.

The six seasons of the Rose family and their struggles, concluded this year and while the fans bid goodbye to the show, the jury at the Emmys made sure to give them a gala farewell.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ is about John Rose, a successful businessman who loses all his wealth and goes broke, only to find a home in a motel in a little unknown town called Schitt’s Creek that he bought as a joke. The entire series is about him and his eccentric and dandy wife Moira Rose, as they try to adjust in this new life along with their two adult kids – Alexis Rose and David Rose.

The show is the perfect blend of hope and distress, acceptance and denial, and a call to keep looking for greener pastures. So much so that it deserves a quiz of it’s own. Click on the button below to take a 15 question mind boggling quiz to check how close attention you paid to the show!

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